The Port of Long Beach supports the one-time appointment program

Appointments have contributed to supply chain disruptions in recent years, the Harbor Trucking Association and the California Trucking Association said in a Jan. 25 letter to the Port of Los Angeles executive director Gene Serok and Port of Long Beach General Manager Mario Cordero.

A single interoperable system would reduce costs and increase efficiency at Terminal Island’s freight service providers and container terminals, the groups said. The ports of New York and New Jersey slashed handling times by $45 billion by implementing a new truck schedule.

Representatives from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach agree with this view.Hacegaba said that in recent years ports have proposed combining different truck identification systems at terminals in San Pedro Bay as part of their air quality action plan.

“It makes more sense for our transportation community to book appointments more seamlessly across 12 different terminals,” he said.

While Hacegaba was aware of the potential challenge involved in onboarding the terminals and other stakeholders, he reiterated one of the points made in the transport group’s letter: an entirely new system may not be necessary, especially if the required digital infrastructure is in a or several countries already exist more terminals.

“From our perspective, we want to make sure we’re doing this in the least disruptive way,” he said.

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