As part of a federally funded strategy to strengthen lithium

Supply chains in the United States, expanding the manufacturing base and supply chain for electric vehicle batteries in the United States is at the heart of President Joe Biden’s plan to strengthen the nation’s manufacturing industry.

However, the country still faces the difficult task of preparing its lithium supply chain for the future.

To set the stage for a lithium-powered future, the Department of Energy created Li-Bridge, a public-private alliance operated by Argonne National Laboratory, to accelerate the development of the nationwide lithium battery supply chain. Lithium.

Li-Bridge recently released an action plan to develop the U.S.’s lithium battery supply chain. It takes stock of the current state of the national lithium production base, and includes what steps are needed to put the supply chain on track to handle an increase in demand for domestically sourced lithium.

Increasing access to U.Extracting lithium from S. will not be easy. Here are ten key takeaways from the report, including what Li-Bridge sees as the industry’s biggest challenges and how to address them.

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