Dole’s North American operations were briefly disrupted

Following the ransomware attack. Dole is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Dublin-based company’s creation follows the merger of Dole Food and Total Produce in 2021. According to CNN,
grocery stores have complained in various Facebook posts about not having Dole salad sets on their shelves.

When asked if Dole had disclosed the incident to state regulators, a company spokesman said there would be no comment beyond an official statement released Wednesday.

In recent years, the food industry has faced increasing threat activity.Dragos is currently aware of several threats targeting various food and beverage companies, including variants of ransomware using ICS Cyber ​​​​​​Kill Chain Level 1.

According to Abdulrahman Alamri, Senior Adversary Hunter at Dragos, the threats are perceived as more opportunistic than specific.

“Despite a dramatic increase in ransomware incidents in some industries, Dragos is moderately confident that ransomware groups are not explicitly targeting the industry, but rather have goals that they can and can influence,” Alamri said, per E -Mail.

A ransomware attack on meat producer JBS USA in 2021 resulted in a $11 million ransom payment. In autumn 2021, several grain cooperatives were also affected by ransomware.

Just two months ago, the FBI sent an alert to the US Department of Agriculture and the Criminal Investigation Department that criminals using fake emails and domains posed as legitimate employees and then ordered and then resold goods.

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