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Save Mart Unveils Robotic Grocery Picking Facility

AI-powered robots running Save Mart’s new automated micro-fulfillment system use a combination of machine learning algorithms, computer vision and data fusion sensors to track inventory, transport products and fulfill orders pack, so the statement the announcement.
Fulfill robots are designed to help grocery stores reduce the cost of their e-commerce operations and provide benefits such as reducing carbon emissions and avoiding food waste, Mir Aamir, the company’s CEO and president, said at a news conference for the release.

The robots are designed to prevent damage to products, reduce picking times and balance loads as they move through the logistics center. In addition, Fulfil’s technology tracks the location of each item within the facility and tracks the provenance and expiration date of products, the company said. The system can process orders “in minutes” and bag groceries for delivery to a rest area for drivers to collect.Save Mart’s revelation that it is collaborating with Fulfill on automated e-commerce processing follows a decision last June to end its partnership with Starship Technologies to use the company’s robots for online order delivery to use customers.

Fulfill stated that it intends to make a significant impact on the micro-fulfilment industry, saying in the announcement that its technology “can be scaled to meet the needs of any size grocery store anywhere in the world.” However, as the company seeks to revolutionize the food automation industry, it will face competition from a number of companies, including Fabric, Takeoff Technologies, AutoStore and Ocado, which have been working with grocery stores on automation solutions for years. After announcing it would build an automated order fulfillment center for Save Mart, Fulfill announced that it recently completed a $60 million Series B fundraiser. Venture capital firm Eclipse, which focuses on companies “redefining the physical industry,” led the round along with investment firms Khosla Ventures and DCVC.

Chipmaker reports $200 million in revenue after ransomware attack crippled

We’re already in the recovery phase today,” Lee said in the interview. “We have begun rolling out efficient manufacturing and service operations and plan to restore those operations in the coming weeks.”

The company reported the incident to law enforcement and investigated the full extent of the costs and the amount recoverable by cyber insurance, as indicated .Seth Bagshaw, chief financial officer of

, said the company expects to recover significantly from the revenue shortfall by the end of the second quarter.

MKS Instruments has hired incident response specialists and notified law enforcement, according to SEC filings.

The attackers encrypted corporate and production systems and may have stolen personal information, according to a document filed with California regulators.

The company could not immediately confirm that employee data was stolen, but said it was a possibility. Information may include names, addresses, social security numbers, bank account and payment card details, medical records, compensation information, and other personal information.

The attack undermined strong financial performance in the fourth quarter of 2022, when MKS Instruments reported record quarterly revenue of $1.09 billion, up 42% from the prior-year period, beating its top position in revenue.