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Oracle offers shippers a more accurate way to track supply chain emissions

Although a seemingly simple idea, calculating emissions is quite complex, especially when multiple modes of transport are involved in a single shipment.

“So if I haul it this route in this type of vehicle, what would the expected emissions be compared to loading it on a trailer and using an intermodal truck-train combination,” said the Vice President.

Oracle’s Supply Chain Platform can help shippers with product design, demand planning, sourcing, and more. While the platform already has some sustainability features, “it’s a lot simpler” than the company expected, Gittoes said.

The new capabilities will allow shippers to better understand the emissions associated with their shipment based on factors other than weight and distance traveled.

“You want to understand not only the distance traveled or the weight, but also the type of vehicle you use… some trucks are more efficient than others,” he said.

Oracle is one of many companies focusing on sustainability investments and updates as supply chain managers are increasingly asked to measure carbon emissions.

Gravity Climate, a technology company that helps businesses and their supply chain partners manage their carbon footprint, recently partnered with digital manufacturing marketplace Xometry to help calculate carbon emissions for Xometry -Real-time orders to help.

Meanwhile USAAccording to last month’s announcement, automaker General Motors has invested in energy supplier GeoPura to help scale its green hydrogen technology as more companies move away from diesel energy sources.